Poll - publicly available site analytics?

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Should the analytics stats be publicly available?

Yes, keep it completely open to the public
No, keep everything private
No, close it, but export and release specific stats (Specify below)
No votes
Stop tracking users
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Poll - publicly available site analytics?

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Currently, you can go to https://analytics.needforspeed3.racing/ and see all the analytics for the web page, which includes seeing where the individual visitor have navigated through the web page, where they're from, their resolution, what browser and OS they're using and if they've visited the web page before, but not the IP unless you're logged into the analytics page (which currently only me and Hans can do, and we can't see the whole IP).
Should we close it so only admins can see? We could also export specific stats, such as the most popular browsers and only display those to the public.

If you don't want to be tracked by our analytics, just can opt out through your browser settings (enable Do Not Track) or by visiting this link.
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